5:30 pm, Saturdays: In-Person Worship

9:30 am, Sundays: In-Person and Live-Stream Worship

The Covid-19 task force is making the following changes to Redeemer’s guidelines for our in-person gatherings:

Mask Wearing: 

  1. Because of the recent update to CDC guidelines;
  2. and recognizing that the church is a unique gathering because there are people of mixed vaccination status gathered together for an extended period of time with limited ventilation;
  3. and knowing that we have in our community those under 12, those who are immunocompromised and others who are medically fragile;

The Task force recommends (especially if you plan to sing in worship) but will not require the wearing of masks, while also continuing to ask that people maintain a safe physical distance.
Worship attendance:

  • After Sunday, May 23, signing up in advance will no longer be required on either Saturday or Sunday, although we will still ask worship attendees to sign in when they arrive.
  • Because the CDC has indicated that this is largely a disease spread primarily through aerosol transmission, we will be putting the hymnals back in the pews.
  • Because case counts in the community have dropped, we are going to change seating restrictions to every other pew, but ask people to continue to distance if in the same pew.
  • We will continue to provide communion through the individual kits, but will consider changes to this practice in the future.