Redeemer Youth Group Campfire Cook-Out
Sunday, August 29, 4-7pm

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Rally Day
Sunday, September 12

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Masks are recommended for those who are not vaccinated.

Starting in September, many groups want to restart activities at the church.  The Covid Task Force has developed guidelines regarding fellowship activities that include serving food.  These guidelines have been approved by the Church Council.

  • Each table may seat up to 6 people.  Some tables are to be set aside for those wanting to physically distance.  Those tables should be limited to 3 places and marked accordingly.  Tables should not be pushed together to provide larger group seating.
  •  Food should be served by persons wearing masks and gloves, rather than having individuals dish up their own food.
  •  Groups are encouraged to use the church dinnerware.  The person rinsing dishes and loading the dishwasher should wear rubber gloves and another person, also wearing rubber gloves, should remove clean dishes from the dishwasher to dry.  Rubber gloves are available in the drawer to the left of the rinse sink.  Dishes should be air dried, not dried by hand, to reduce virus spread.

At this time, the Council has not approved activities being held in member homes like book club, card clubs, or Casual Dining Series.

All groups wanting to meet in the church should contact the church office to book the time and meeting space.

Policies can change at any time as the Covid task force assesses circumstances regarding the coronavirus.