Welcome to Redeemer Lutheran Church of Indianola, Iowa

Mission / Vision

As a community in Christ, Redeemer is all about “connecting God’s word to life in the world through a vibrant faith community where souls are fed and gifts are shared.”

Redeemer’s vision is to “reach people who are hungering for meaning in their lives."

What's Happening




Wednesday, November 25

All Wednesday Activities Cancelled

Office Closing At Noon

9:00 AM PV Folding


Thursday, November 26—Office Closed

Friday, November 27

9:00 AM Bulletin Folding

No Meals on Wheels


Saturday, November 28

9:00 AM—1:00 PM Fellowship Hall Reserved (L. Armstrong)

5:30 PM Traditional Worship, Holy Communion & Healing Service


Sunday, November 29-Loose Offering

8:15 AM Traditional Worship, Holy Communion & Healing Service

No Sunday School

9:30 AM Project Property Meeting– Room 208

10:45 AM Traditional Worship, Holy Communion & Healing Service


Monday, November 30

9:00 AM Quilters


Tuesday, December 1

10:30 AM Staff Meeting

7:30 PM Praise Raiser Practice

Wednesday, December 2

9:30 AM Adult Bible Study

2:30 PM Youth Choir

3:15 PM Middle School Hands On Experience

4:15 PM Middle School Choir

4:45 PM Middle School Study Time

5:15 PM Dinner—Middle School & Leaders

6:00 PM Faith Formation Class

7:00 PM Senior Choir


Thursday, December 3

Bazaar Set Up—Room 208—in Afternoon

8:30 AM Men’s Bible Study

6:00—7:30 PM Girl Scouts (K. Buttrey)—Fellowship Hall


Friday, December 4

9:00 AM Bulletin Folding

10:30 AM Meals on Wheels—S/L Grunwald

7:30 PM Holiday Extravaganza & Parade—Indianola


Saturday, December 5

5:30 PM Traditional Worship & Holy Communion


Sunday, December 6

8:15 AM Traditional Worship & Holy Communion

9:30 AM Sunday School—All Ages

9:30 AM WOR—Bazaar—Room 208

10:45 AM Contemporary Worship,  & Holy Communion

1:00-4:00 PM Service Unit Event—Girl Scout—Holiday Event

3:30-6:30 PM High School Youth Group—Ice Skating






























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